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Professional Payroll Services – a.k.a., “PPS”

Professional Payroll Services, better known as PPS, was formed in 2004 as the brainchild of Tom Perry and Jackie Simpson. During a chance encounter at a benefit golf tournament, the two business acquaintances began discussing the payroll industry and felt that a company with their combined knowledge and experience could be a successful venture. As the discussions progressed it was determined that there had to be a better way for a payroll service to operate than to try to sell on price alone and sacrifice customer service to have a high volume of clients. With this in mind, they created the core principle of PPS.


Offer a fair price for the service, but provide a ``premium`` level of client service. For this to be done, certain procedures would need to be followed. First, they determined they wanted the highest quality of employees. This would entail finding employees that were stable in their career outlook and that would enjoy working in the payroll industry.


The second procedure or policy would be to have slow but steady growth with good quality clients. Most payroll companies are now looking at payroll as a commodity and are selling to whoever will sign up for their service. The PPS model is different. PPS, by design, acquires most new clients through referral with very few clients that come to us through other channels. This provides for a client base that is more familiar with the product and is more likely to be a client for a long time.


Our third guiding principle is to give the highest level of client service available in the payroll industry. By doing this, PPS is able to retain our clients instead of ``churning`` them like some other bureaus. PPS would much rather grow by 30 new clients a year and keep them, than add 100 clients a year and lose half of them for one reason or another.

Over the years, our core principles have never wavered.

Our Staff

“Payroll is our life. It doesn’t have to be yours.”
TOM PERRY - Professional Payroll Services

Tom founded PPS in the summer of 2004 after beginning his payroll career in 1998 as a sales manager, then progressing to operations manager.  He is responsible for the overall operation of PPS and spends the majority of his time in company and client development. He also stays involved with the daily payroll processing in case a client has a question.  “Our clients like the fact that they can call me over any issue and I can help them resolve it.”


Sonja joined PPS at our inception in 2004.  She oversees the day to day operation of the office and is responsible for the majority of our tax work.  Sonja has a degree in Accounting and has over 14 years of payroll and accounting work. “I really enjoy working with our clients and learning about so many different businesses in our community”, she states.  “The great relationships I have built with our clients over the last few years mean a lot to me.”

We can simplify workforce management.


The Ideal Client

We are often asked what type of businesses use our payroll service.  That question is very easy to answer.  Any type of business with employees is a candidate to use a payroll company.  After all, the employees need to get paid, and using a payroll company is more cost effective than the business owner doing payroll themselves.

Industries we serve

Industries We Serve

There are very few industries that we would not consider for a client. Examples of the many industries we serve include: Fitness Centers, Golf Courses, Retail Stores, Fast Food Restaurants, Full Service Restaurants, Banks, Hair Salons, Funeral Homes, IT Companies, Accounting Firms, and Dentist and Doctor offices.

Industries we serve at PPS


We are fortunate to work with several non-profit companies to provide their payroll and workforce solutions.

Payroll for non-profit organizations

1 to 1000+ employees

All of our clients are special to us.  As we get to know the people we are working with, they become like family to us because of the relationship we build with them.  We currently process payroll for clients from as small as having only 1 employee to having well over 600 employees.  Our systems are scalable and designed to handle companies with well over 1000 employees.

We serve 1 to 1000

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