Workers’ Compensation

Save time and money with Pay-as-You-Go.

Pay as you go Workers’ Compensation

Zero down, pay-as-you-go premiums that are based on real-time payroll, and integrated with your payroll service.


Eliminate Down Payments

Traditional Workers’ Comp that requires an up front down payment can be a challenge for employers. With pay-as-you-go, there are no checks to write as premiums are automatically calculated on actual payroll and debited, integrated with your payroll service. The need for a big deposit payment is eliminated.

Minimize Audit Adjustments

Minimize Audit Adjustments

Pay-as-you-go Workers’ Comp minimizes the need for monthly and quarterly audit reports and audit adjustments, saving you on the associated cost and time. The audit process is handled internally with no additional paperwork, unless state mandated.


Save on premiums

Receive competitive rates and save on premiums by receiving multiple quotes from insurance carriers, such as AmTrust, Liberty Mutual, and Travelers. Work with a highly-rated, full-service WC provider.

We can simplify workforce management.