We know you're busy. Payroll shouldn't stand in your way.

Payroll is our life.
It doesn’t have to be yours!

At PPS, we realize that no two companies are alike. Every company we work with has it’s own needs and systems.  That’s why we start each new company with a blank slate.  We will set your company up the way you want it done.  No “boiler plate” design is used here.


What we do for you.

Our core payroll product is designed to help make your life easier processing your payroll.  From increasing the level of confidentiality in your office to making your payroll tax deposits for you, our goal is to streamline your payroll processing so you can focus on what you need to be concentrating on, running your business!

Calculate and produce all payroll checks, direct deposits, and garnishment checks

Provide a full set of management reports either on paper or online

All checks are digitally signed and sealed for confidentiality

Submit your required State New Hire reporting

Make your required payroll tax deposits

Ship all checks/vouchers/reports to your location by the method you wish, either mail, UPS, or online

What we do for you

We realize that no two companies are alike.
We’ll set you up the way you want it done.

Payroll headaches? Those days are gone.

Payroll headaches? Those days are gone.


On a quarterly basis, we will:

Produce all payroll tax returns and verify the totals against the tax deposits that were made and against numerous balancing reports to ensure accuracy.

Sign and submit, either on paper or electronically, your payroll tax returns.

Send you a secure link to retrieve your copies of your payroll tax returns online… so you can access as you need.


Each year, following an in-depth reconciliation, we:

Produce W2’s for your employees and file your employer copies with the Social Security Administration.

We may also be able to produce and file your 1099 returns.


Paperless Payroll

We want to help do our part to conserve resources. In the payroll world, paper is used in excessive amounts each day. 

With that in mind, PPS is offering a “paperless payroll” solution to our clients. With this product, all data entry can be done online, all reports can be seen online, and employees can view their check stubs online. Our clients and their employees have access to this information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Paperless Payroll

Additional Workforce Solutions

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Background Checks

Know who you're hiring. Protect your organization and clients with background screening.


Manage all your HR data in one place.

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Workers' Compensation

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