HRIS with end‐to‐end benefits enrollment and admin solution

HRIS with end‐to‐end benefits enrollment and admin solution

HRIS with Benefits Enrollment and Admin

Innovative new HRIS software provider and leading carrier connectivity network team up to provide automated enrollment with over 350 group benefits providers.

Phoenix, AZ and Reston, VA – September 13, 2017 – HRnext, an innovative new HRIS platform, and eBenefits Network, LLC (eBN) today announced that they have joined forces to deliver a seamless end‐to‐end benefits enrollment and admin solution for the growing HRnext client base. Through this partnership, HRnext subscribers can electronically communicate real‐time enrollment information to eBN’s extensive network of hundreds of group benefits providers, including health plans, group voluntary benefits, 401k, FSA, COBRA administrators and others.

HRnext is unique in its ability to address the needs of small and mid‐sized employers for an affordable, easy‐to‐use, Human Capital Management System that is delivered as a service over the Internet and requires no hardware or software purchases or installation. Speaking for HRnext, Managing Director Chris Voorhees had this to say about the partnership with eBenefits Network: “We have for some time recognized the need for a cost‐effective system of automatic data communications with benefits providers, and eBenefits Network perfectly satisfies that need. The integration of our respective systems will enable our clients to eliminate repetitive tasks, speed up the benefits management process, and guarantee the integrity of their employee’s benefits data. We see this as a huge benefit for our existing and future clients.”

The eBenefits Network makes it easier for employers to manage employee benefits. eBN automates the benefits enrollment process by seamlessly and securely integrating an employer’s HR system with their benefit insurance carriers and providers. With eBN, employers gain the benefits of on‐time and error‐free enrollment updates, including elimination of error‐related premium costs, an improved benefit usage experience and reduction of HR and IT workloads. “We are very excited to enter into this strategic partnership with HRnext,” said Dr. Ash Rofail, Chief Executive Officer of eBenefits Network, LLC. “The combination of eBenefits Network and HRnext will provide employers with a more complete, streamlined, accurate and efficient end‐to‐end benefits administration solution.”

About HRnext

HRnext (a product of HRnext Holdings, LLC) is the cornerstone of the complete Human Capital Management System that small and mid‐size organizations need to realize their human capital potential. The state of the art system is the product of collaboration between HR software developers and national payroll service providers, all of whom recognized that mid‐ sized employers have the same needs as large enterprises for integrated HCM, but that they don’t have the financial or human resources for implementation and maintenance of enterprise level HCM systems. To learn more about HRnext, please visit

About eBenefits Network, LLC

eBenefits Network (eBN) is the Nation’s leading independent network for benefits‐related services. At it’s core eBN interconnects HR, Payroll and benefit systems with carriers and TPAs to move enrollment/eligibility and payroll contribution transactions electronically – for both large and small groups. eBN’s technology, experience, expertise and breadth of network – with over 400 carriers, TPAs, and software platforms connected today – are unmatched in the industry. For more information about eBenefits Network, please visit our web site at